"Invisible Disabilities" –
Alternative-Text Label —

Animated Illustration:
Five people, perhaps a family group. pose for a portrait. Chances are good that one of these people has an "invisible disability" because one out of five Americans have a disability.

Text: Know anyone who has an "invisible disability?" Then the text animation flashes one by one through a list of the following common invisible disabilities: Migraine Headaches; Diabetes; A Learning Disability; Asthma; Emphysema; A Heart Condition; Impaired Vision; Arthritis; Fibromyalgia; Chronic Back Pain; High Blood Pressure; and Impaired Hearing.

As the conditions roll by, a question mark appears sequentially over the face of each person in the family group.

The animation described here is a graphic representation of the random nature of "disability" and illustrates that even when people "look healthy" they may very well have "invisible" disabilities.

The caption below the family portrait says:
"Unless someone tells you about their 'invisible' disability, how would you know?"

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