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If You Cant Find it Locally. Use BarrierFreeShopping to Find it Online!:
How to Use Our Information Service

[5] Can't Find It Locally? Order It Online:Illustration: A Cyber-Mall customer sitting at a computer, telephone in hand, confirming shipping details for his online order.

Sometimes you just can't find exactly what you want in local stores. Or perhaps the local stores that have what you want are in a bad part of town or too far away ... or they may not be sufficiently accessible for your needs

Or perhaps you just don't have the time or energy to go on a major shopping expedition through a "superstore" or monster mall where shoppers sometimes must walk half a mile or more to get to whatever they want to buy.

If the above describes you, or if you're looking for bargains, it would be well worth your while to check out the BFC Cyber-Mall (formerly called the BFC Gold Pages).

The BFC Cyber Mall is easily accessible from our Navigation Page, and is also accessible from the entry pages of most of our other Resource Groups, which now feature dual entry buttons, similar to these:

This is not an active link. The "Shop Locally" button on this page is for illustration purposes only.

Clicking here will take you to the BFC Cyber Mall, which will open in a new window.

Shopping resources included in our Cyber Mall section have been individually checked out by our Staff for reliability, value, and security. Generally organized to correspond to our familiar Resource Groups, our Cyber Mall is easy to navigate, and includes online shopping with a wide variety of popular merchants, whose names you will recognize from the Mall, as well as a wide variety of unique special offers you can only find online.

You can check out a sampling of a few of our BFC Cyber Mall offerings by clicking on the banners and text links shown below on this page (each link will open in a "new" window).

Want to check out the latest Italian fashions but don't have time to go to Italy? Try Forzieri: / Firenze Seta srl

Some online shopping resources are accessed through text links like this one. For many years, Tiger Direct has been our very favorite place to shop for electronic bargains. Check them out:

Want a great deal on computers and high-tech stuff? Check out TigerDirect's Liquidation Sale!

Our Cyber•Mall also includes great deals, interesting finds, and special offers you won't find at most Malls, like these:


ed2go | online learning anytime, anywhere...just a click away

So here at BFC, it's YOUR choice. Whether you want to go out and get it, have somebody bring it to you, or find it online, we offer an abundance of options to enable you to get exactly what you want, when you want it.

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