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Verify Your Listing's Accuracy

Illustration: These golden butterflies are preparing to land on a honeysuckle vine.You'll need your Registration Number:

The 15-digit number is at the top right of your Invoice, and also in e-mail from your BFC Representative.

It is vitally important for your prospective customers to have reliable, current and accurate consumer information about your business. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

To view your Display Listing as your customers see it, find the page where your Registration Number appears, using the Menu below, click on the appropriate link, and let us know if any information needs to be updated.

For additional information, or if you need help, please refer to "Frequently Asked Questions" below.


1: 044790807241342 through 167050809091287

2: 167050704252038 through 223060603211666

3: 223060604181634 through 223070509061936

4: 223070509061937 through 227340611282011

5: 227340612151610 through 592030304011520

6: 595090212170097 through 967971103073069

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I can't find our Registration Number?
It's on your Invoice, but if your invoice has already been filed or sent to another department, you can still retrieve your Registration Number from your BFC 
Representative, or from our main office. (See the "Contact Us" button at the top of this page).

Our Registration Number Link is not on this list. How do I view our Display Listing?
If it has been more than 45 days since the date of your invoice, the link to your Listing in this Verification Section may have already been removed. Contact your BFC Representative for help with accessing your Listing directly. You can also view your Listing by going through our search system.

We registered several locations, but I only see one number on the Invoice. Where are the rest?
Multiple locations registered and invoiced at the same time are numbered sequentially, one digit apart. Only one Registration Number will appear on your Invoice, but all of your Listings should be available for viewing on this system for a minimum of 45 days beyond your Invoice date.

How do we make changes to our Listing?
Simply contact your BFC Representative. There is no additional charge for changes, corrections, or updates to your Display Listing if requested within 30 days of your Invoice date or at the time of renewal. Otherwise, a $50 service fee may apply, to help cover additional programming costs.

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