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Comprehensive Sitemap:
Welcome to America's Information Service for Disabled Consumers

Our Home Page: Consumer Information for Disabled Americans
Welcome Page (message updated seasonally and for most Holidays, check back often)

The Basics: (learning how to use our Service more efficiently)

How to Use Our Information Service (easy, fun, and we hope enlightening)
1: Navigating Our Site (we know it works because it's been "road-tested" many times)
2: Satisfying Your Needs as a Consumer (it's what we do)
3: Find Exactly What You Want (exactly when you want it)
4: Quickly Find Safe Places You CAN Go (just set your search filters and we'll do the rest)
5: Service Providers Who Come to You (finding people who can do what you need)
6: Can't Find It Locally? Get It Online (how to save time, money and hassle)
7: Evolution and Future Directions (what the future holds for BarrierFreeChoices)

About BFC's User-Friendly Site Design (helping you live life to the fullest)
1: Web Design for Maximum Accessibility (to accommodate a wide variety of disabilities)
2: State-Of-The-Art Search Technology (straightforward, quick, and easy to use)
3: About the Graphics We Choose (why this is NOT a "disability" website)
4: We Knew there had to be a Better Way (grouping information the way people think)
5: Escaping From Alphabet Soup Confusion (and how doing so may save your life!)
6: The Resource Group Concept (organizing data so it makes sense to real people)
7: Making Life Easier For You (how the BFC "magic" helps you live more barrier-free)

Getting Around: (where to find what you need)

Main Navigation Page (where you can find all of the BFC Resource Groups)

Barrier-Free Worship (Barrier-free local Churches and much more. Feed your Spirit!)
Article: Worship in a Barrier-Free Venue (never have to miss Church again)

Barrier-Free Planet (Connect with others who have "been there" ... you're not alone.)
Section: Disability-Focused Publications and Blogs (from all over the world)
Article: What's an Independent Living Center? (What they are, and how they help you.)
Reference Shelf: The Independent Living Movement (Interesting historical documents)

Barrier-Free Dining:
Find Local Resources OR Online Resources (bon appetit!)
Article: The Social Importance of Dining Together (build and strengthen relationships.)
Article: Neighborhood Taverns, and Coffeehouses (our homes away from home)
Article: How to Dine Out When Dieting (keep your friends and your waistline)
Q&A: Help with Your Local Dining Search (how to customize your search)

Barrier-Free Shopping (How to get most of what you need without leaving home.)
Article: The Advantages of Shopping Online (It's safer, easier, and you'll save money)
Article: How to Shop Safely Online (Consumer tips from top online security experts)

Barrier-Free Travels (Helpful tips for travelers with disabilities.)
Article: Be Sure Travel Services Meet Your Needs (be your own "Disability Advocate")
Article: Tips for Seniors and International Travelers (from U.S State Department experts)

Barrier-Free Diversions (Fun for all ages.)
Section: Diversions and Entertainment (for those who need a "mini-vacation")
Free Movie: "Murderball" (lively documentary about the sport of Wheelchair Rugby)

Barrier-Free Careers (Information and resources for Employers and Job-Seekers)
Article: Disabled Americans Join the Modern Workforce (the DuPont Studies show it)
Article: Disabled Employees are Dependable Business Assets (actual case histories )
Article: Can't Find a Job? Create One! (the advantages of self-employment)
Section: Find Your "Dream Job", Even in a Recession (how to find the job you want)
Section: Hiring Resources for Employers (Employment agencies placing disabled workers)
Section: Career Resources for Employees (online resources for people who want to work)

Barrier-Free Housing (Tips on finding housing to fit your lifestyle.)
Article: Getting Back to Basics (finding your "dream home" shouldn't be a nightmare)
Article: Fair Housing Laws Protect Everyone (learn how to protect yourself)
Article: Equal Credit Opportunity Act (know your rights when shopping for a loan)

Barrier-Free Home and Garden (because your home environment is so important!)
Section: Shop Online for Home-Improvements (do it yourself, or get it done)
Note: This Resource Group is scheduled for Summer 2013 updating.

Barrier-Free Health and Fitness (diet and exercise information you can use every day!)
Article: The Importance of Fitness (strengthen and lengthen your life)
Article: Cake. Couch Potatoes, and Chronic Disease (defeating the obesity epidemic)
Article: Can "Gimps" Really Play Rugby? (the story of Mark Zupan, Paralympic athlete)
Section: Your Gateway to a Healthier Lifestyle (preventing and reversing chronic illness)
Section: Eating Your Way to Health and Fitness! (practical diets you can live with)
Section: Exercise Programs for Maximum Fitness (be healthier, live longer)

Barrier-Free Lifestyle (being "disabled" is not the "prison sentence" it used to be.)
Article: In Pursuit of a Barrier-Free Lifestyle (living beyond the barriers)
Section: Lifestyle Enhancements for the Way you Live Today (re-invent yourself)

Barrier-Free Driving (Resources to keep you rolling in style, comfort, and safety.)

Barrier-Free Safety and Security (Resources to help you keep yourself safe!)

Administrative Links (these seem so hard to find on far too many websites):

BFC Terms of Use (PDF document, opens in a "new" tab or window)
The BFC Privacy Policy (We don't harvest your personal information.)
How Protecting Your Privacy Helps Protect Your Safety (why it's so important)
The BFC Mission Statement (What some might call our "About Us" statement)
Contact Us (Various ways to contact the BarrierFreeChoices Team)
Daily Thought
(Here is a positive thought to start your day)
FREE! Graphics to Link Your Website to Ours (spread the word ... help us to help others!)
The BarrierFreeChoices Web Ring Portal (The "Communities" of Cyberspace)
What's a Web Ring? (diagram and discussion of what webrings are and how they work)

For Consumers with Disabilities (and anyone interested in disability issues):

Who's Disabled in America? (facts about "America's largest minority group")
1: How Many Americans ARE Disabled? (more than most people might think)
2: Our Economic Importance to Business Success (we are a huge consumer niche)
3: Know Anyone with an "Invisible" Disability? (about 75% of those defined as "disabled")
4: "People with Disabilities" — America's "Largest Minority" (Census Bureau said so!)
5: We're people ... Just Like Anybody Else! (I'm not "normal" ... but neither are you.)
6: Everyone's Right to Equal Treatment (It's guaranteed by the Constitution)
7: Vote With Your Feet (it's your money ... and it's your choice!)

Defining and Finding "True Accessibility" (very elusive, and highly personal)
1: How "Accessible" is That place ... for You? (there are no guarantees)
2: Why You Must Be Your Own Advocate (only you know your capabilities and limitations)
3: Why the Government Can't Do It For You (it's not "one size fits all")
4: The Long Road Toward "Equal Treatment" (a few historical examples)
5: "Compromise" vs. " Confidence" (... If you read no other page here, read this one!)

Living Beyond Your "Disabilities" With BarrierFreeChoices:
Coping Strategies
1: Beyond the Illusion of "Disability" (Olympic Gold Medalist Mary Lou Retton "disabled"?)
2: The Challenge of Coping With Change (change is the only consistent thing in life)
3: Reliable Information Brings Empowerment! (how our research can simplify your life)
Better Living With BFC:
1: How BFC Helps You Cope (and how you can help us help others)
2: The Power of Synergy in Action (bringing businesses and consumers together)
3: Asking the Right Questions ... (getting accurate facts is an important part of accessibility)
4: We May Know Disability Issues ... (but you know your own special needs)

For America's Business and Professional Community:

The Demographics of Disabled Access (get your share of a Trillion-Dollar Market!)
Introduction: The Ongoing Quest for Business Success (to get and keep customers)
1: Instantly Increase Your Profit Potential (broadening your customer base)
2: Why Customers Vanish (... and what you can do about it)
3: The "Ripple Effect" (and how it impacts every retail business)
4: What Customers Don't Know (a hypothetical example)
5: The "Double-Edged Sword" (the "ripple effect" can work for good ... or for evil!)
6: Crucial Importance of the "Accessibility Factor" (don't let it be a "deal-breaker"!)
7: Symbiosis, the ADA, and Marketing Your Business! (stabilizing your cashflow)
7a1: Symbiotic Relationships in Business (way beyond flowers and bumblebees)
7b1: Why "ADA Compliance" is Not Enough (it is a pretty good start, though)
7b2: "Readily Achievable Barrier Removal" ("kinder, gentler" law enforcement)
7b3: How Long Does it Take to Be Treated "Equally" (historical civil rights movements)
7b4: Compromise vs. Confidence (can we trust laws that compromise our rights?)
8: Key Facts to Help You Grow Your Business! (learn them to gain a marketing advantage)
9: How Your Business Can Qualify to Register with BFC (just fill out and submit the form)
Complete this Brief Questionnaire
(find out instantly if your business qualifies)

Article: Thriving in the Shadow of Recession
1: Exploding the Myths of the "Gloom and Doom" Prophets (bad news boosts their ratings)
2: Growth Opportunities in Economic Downturns (competitors' losses can be your gain)

Article: How to Make Your Business Recession-Proof
1: Reaching Consumers Who Have Money to Spend (who are they? where are they?)
2: The Awesome Power of the Internet (history's greatest advertising venue!)
3: Marketing Strategies that Greatly Increase Your Profit (how
4: Your Key to a Well-Rounded Marketing Plan (how
5: A Major Influence in Our Lives Today! (how
6: The 'Net Brings Unprecedented Capability (for Social Networking AND Marketing!)
7: Reaching Sales Prospects with Guaranteed Incomes (... and who want it now!)

What Really Counts in Advertising?
1: Get Beyond Those Old Advertising Myths (and watch your business GROW!)
2: It's Only Effective if it Reaches YOUR Potential Target Market (others don't count.)
3: Three Essential Factors (MOM can tell you what make a good sales prospect)
4: Finding ALL the Segments of Your Target Market (we may have several for you)

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