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Our Privacy Policy

We're Dedicated to Protecting Your Privacy AND Safety:
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We're "hard-core" about privacy.

To protect the web-surfing privacy of those who use our Information Service, we DO NOT collect personal information. Using our Service is ANONYMOUS and FREE.

Users of our Information Service are NOT required to "register" and divulge all sorts of personal information to access any information provided on our Service.

And we advise you of those who do require any sort of registration, if they're listed here or linked to from here and we know about it.

We DO NOT gather any sort of personally identifiable data from your computer, and never ask for any sort of personal information from those who use our Service.

Additionally, to protect your SAFETY, our search engines are designed to locate local barrier-free facilities arranged by their approximate distance from your Zip or Postal Code, so we never even have to ask you for your home address.

[ Why is this so important to protecting my safety? ] [ No Java? ]

If you need help locating a specific barrier-free facility you want to visit, you can view a map of the area near that facility (available through our mapping service) by using the "View Map" link on each listing.

And if you need detailed driving directions to that facility, you have the option of entering your home address if you like.

Or you can enter a nearby familiar intersection or landmark, if you prefer, and get driving directions to that facility from your specified intersection or landmark.

For your safety, we recommend that you never give out your specific home address or personal information online anywhere unless you're absolutely positive you are on a secure website.

Linking to external e-commerce sites from any of our websites:

As with all online marketing, tracking cookies are used to verify your eligibility for online offers available through our information service, and your computer must be able to accept cookies in order for you to visit those sites or to take advantage of those offers.

However, NO personally identifiable user data is ever collected by our information service or by any of our marketing networks from any user of our sites who links to any external website from our sites, or who visits any of our advertisers or marketing affiliates.

Our advertisers and marketing affiliates are carefully screened by the BFC Security Team to verify that they provide readily available and clearly stated privacy policies AND that they conduct online business through secure servers.

To protect your safety, external links from any of our sites will always open in "new" windows, so you'll always know when you are leaving the BarrierFreeChoices network.

Please understand that we may have no "formal" agreements with some external resources linked to from our sites, and that such links are provided as a public service.

Personal information you provide to anyone for your own purposes (for example, sending e-mail messages, joining newsletter lists, or conducting business transactions) is between you and those to whom you provide such information; and we recommend that you confirm their "privacy" and "terms of use" policies before providing such personal information.

If you haven't read it yet, you might also want to read our Terms of Use Policy.
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